Live Nativity

For the holiday season we are happy to offer your church a living nativity scene to help honor and celebrate the day Jesus was born. While many churches offer nativity scenes and services we are able to make them more realistic and interactive. By having our animals moving about the enclosure while your church members reenact this glorious day, the audience is more engaged.

For churches we offer two options for a live nativity. The first is a discounted Nativity rate of $650.00 USD for two hours. The animals are there for the duration of the service but do not leave the pen. Children can reach over to pet the baby donkey, the lambs, alpaca, and goats. Additionally we have a tan alpaca we bring with an adorable camel costume.

Secondly we offer a full petting zoo where the audience is free to interact with the animals in the enclosure. We also have a pony that can be ridden by children/small adults. If you need something more tailored to your event, please call us and we can provide you with a custom package.

All of our animals are clean and we bath them before any event. In addition they receive an annual vet inspection with health certificates, vaccinations, and the farm is certified and inspected by the Town of Groton MA. Enchanted Animal Parties is a licensed riding stable in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts . We are also fully insured to provide for the safety of our customers, and no waivers are needed. Our animals are well behaved, socialized, and accustomed to being around people young and old. In addition we provide plenty of hand sanitizer to ensure both your health, and the health of the animals.

By adding real animals to any nativity scene a church creates a more positive memorable experience. The audience is more engaged, and the children are delighted. If you have any questions out our live nativity scenes please let us know and we will be happy to discuss your church’s specific needs.

Licensed and inspected by the USDA

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